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The One Thing To Show That Reluctant Investor

An Ambassador?!? Why, thank you, dearest! But your kind invitation I must decline. What if I end up in a conflict of interest Over whose brand to peddle, yours or mine?

Me Tarzan, You LinkedIn!

Please stop yelling! Whisper to be heard. (A seven-part lesson in personal branding) * * * Day 40 in a row of sizzling-hot sunny days. Hottest season in 20 years. (Trust me to be in the Tropics during that record-setting.)… Continue Reading →

Be A Brand Whisperer: How To Name, Tag Or Describe Anything New Memorably

Before we entered this age of Big Data, we lived in the age of Big Brands, remember? It was simple; all one had to do was decide if he or she was a Coke or a Pepsi person, an Apple… Continue Reading →

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