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Interview with Maja Vujovic, member of e-Development Association of Serbia

Belgrade, August 31, 2015 e-Dev: You have been a member of the e-Development since its founding. Kindly share with its members and all those who follow our work the key details of your professional career. MV: By profession I am… Continue Reading →

No, Dear Al Gorithm, You Don’t Want My Job

OK, so you know so much more than me – than any of us – you are the King of Fact. But I’m the Queen of Tact, so listen up.

Write About Where The Puck Will Be

The bad news is: it’s really hard to be an original writer. The good news is: we no longer burn you at the stake for being one (whereas we used to).

The Secret To Successful Content Creation? Dude, Just Write It!

Your former boss does it. Some outsourced junior does it. You too want to do it – create (or curate) content, to stand out from the crowd. Trouble is, currently, you’re just a little low on content, eh?

Be A Brand Whisperer: How To Name, Tag Or Describe Anything New Memorably

Before we entered this age of Big Data, we lived in the age of Big Brands, remember? It was simple; all one had to do was decide if he or she was a Coke or a Pepsi person, an Apple… Continue Reading →

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