The short version

Maja Vujovic is an international Communications expert, with decades of experience in business writing and public speaking. Following a journalistic career in electronic & printed media, she worked as a Copywriter in Europe, Asia and North America. Maja is also an e-Learning pioneer and trainer who empowers individuals, teams and vulnerable groups.

The whole story

Writing, Editing, and Translating

I chose to be a writer when I was six years old. A couple of decades later, I’ve earned an MA in Dramaturgy (Writing for Theatre, Film, Radio, and TV). That was a good start.

Later, I’ve supported my family writing professionally wherever we’ve lived, the world over. In 2000, I became a member of The Professional Writers Association of Canada.

In 2018, I helped edit Guy Kawasaki‘s most personal book, along with other “beta testers”. It was a thrill to help distill Wise Guy into solid gold.

Let’s fast-forward…


I fell in love with ICT as a tween. Each summer, I would visit relatives in Zagreb, Croatia. My uncle’s office was equipped – wall to wall – with a super-computer. I’d always play with the perforated yellow tape and later with the punched cards (oh, yes, I have them still).

When the Cray-2 printed, on six sheets of continuous paper, my favourite cartoon character in ASCII-art, life-sized, I got hooked for life.

Remaining an early adopter, I’d always tried and tested tools or solutions built by techies for us, non-techies. My adoption timeline tends to raise eyebrows:

  • 1986 Bought my 1st PC
  • 1987 Used one of the first scanners in Europe
  • 1993 Worked on a clunky (and expensive) laptop, in Asia
  • 1996 Created multimedia on a classic Mac, in North America
  • 2004 Started a blog, back in Europe
  • 2006 Learned CMSs
  • 2008 Pioneered live e-learning
  • 2010 Embraced Open Source & the Cloud
  • 2013 Started following AI
  • 2016 Wrote and applied my first chatbots
  • 2018 Learned the ins & outs of smartphone business

This type of interest attracts interest. For three dynamic years, I was the Senior Copywriter & Strategist of a large European ICT group. I wrote about aviation, artificial intelligence, crypto-currencies, the Cloud, data management, IT education, FinTech, gaming, logistics, mobility, telecommunications and more. It’s mind-boggling work, but it’s cool to have a CERN manual on the to-do list.

I truly wonder what comes next. Any ideas?

Stay tuned, for amusement. Or give me a call, for action.