as_written_newsWith digital tools being all the rage for their ability to monitor media and track mentions across the Web and Social Media, it is paramount to first create newsworthy content which media professionals, public servants and the general public will find attractive. That way, you’ll actually have something valid to track.

These definitions and examples from my portfolio can help you choose the best writing formats for your Media & Public Affairs needs.

Artshouse Comm BoxARTICLE

Indispensable building blocks of newsletters, websites, experts’ profiles on blogging platforms and all mass media, written to feed the common curiosity of all audiences

From the headline, the lead and all the way to the conclusion, an article can either be your secret weapon or a wasted opportunity – depending on how well it is written.

Requiring real literacy, solid media experience and SEO know-how, it’s not a task for novices.


Confidential, but indispensable preparation before strategic meetings, negotiations and all events involving media, listing only key facts, issues to be raised, messages and official stance regarding sensitive issues

These compact pages might look boring, but they are among the most sensitive and consequential documents you will ever need, since they are your only protection from improvisation, embarrassment and bad publicity.

Always have well-rounded professionals prepare them on time. And then learn them by heart.


A detailed exploration of communication objectives, activities and tools, enabling planning, execution and results measuring of all internal and external communication in a given period

Based on business goals, socio-political and competitive context, as well as a clear overview of target audiences, it defines the approach which should guide all your communication, oral or written. It sets expectations for everything from internal memos and presentation templates, to labels on your vehicles.

If you wish your organization to maintain a recognizable identity, first have it defined by a professionally written communication strategy.

factsheetFACT SHEET

Equivalent to an organization’s I.D. card, lists essential facts and data, such as the official name, the founding date, ownership and management arrangements, the stated mission and all other information of interest to the public

A good fact sheet provides answers before key questions are even asked. It should be made available not only to the media, but also to all your team members, as a source of the most current company information.

More important than even your master contact list, your fact sheet should be put together by a communication professional and then relentlessly updated by your most reliable personnel.


A compilation of genuine questions most often posed by users and brief points that the organization wishes to emphasize or explain, coupled with simple, informative and succinct answers to both

Usually the source that most people check as soon as they hear of your offer, this two-way message board is potentially your best concierge, when compiled and written with due care.

Neglect to keep it up to date and relevant, it will grow into an inhospitable wasteland and turn your prospects away, without you even knowing.


Official announcement of a newsworthy development in an organization, loaded with facts, names and quotable statements, commonly intended to elicit further interest from media representatives, but often simply quoted by them verbatim

The biggest mine-field in the media relations world, a press release depends on many factors: an interesting and true headline with relevant key words, a compelling lead with genuine media value, authentic statements by VIPs, balanced background information and immaculate contact information.

Whereas online tools now make it easy for anyone to compile a decent draft and check it before distribution, only an experienced writer will know how to make it really irresistible to editors and reporters.

position_paperPOSITION PAPER

A detailed elaboration of facts, figures and trends, arguing for proposed improvements to a specific business context, written in a format tailored to the minds of regulators

When your business horizon needs some serious landscaping, you might want to present your stance compellingly – before you even seek an audience with the relevant authorities.

Let a detailed position paper, drafted by a business-savvy writer, introduce your valid arguments as your ambassador.


Oral narrative aimed to inspire, win over or mobilize a live audience, using ideas, themes, storytelling, rhythm, repetition, humour and more, delivered from behind a rostrum or from a bare stage, real or improvised

Many occasions – from informal to solemn ones – call for a spoken introduction. Whether it’s a welcome, a début, an announcement, or an expression of gratitude, it’s a perfect opportunity to be memorable.

In your speech, deviate from the script as much as you confidence allows, but do get a professionally drafted script first.

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