as_written2The only kind of writing that can never be done by a machine, copywriting is the basis of all promotional materials. It combines strong emotions and compelling business arguments into powerful messages which move the consumers to action.

These definitions and examples from my portfolio can help you choose the best writing formats for your promotional needs.


Comm-StrategyCoherent and comprehensive document which defines the context, target groups, objectives, approach, overall idea, messages, tonality and style for all promotional activities

Determined by business objectives, it defines a framework for all future creative solutions to be undertaken in a given period or under an activity (usually one year or in one campaign). It helps integrate the efforts and control costs of all promotional suppliers.

 77_zena'TAG LINE or SLOGAN

A memorable string of words or a phrase expressing the unique character of a brand, product, service, project or organization

Credible, convincing and compelling, it’s a rational short-cut to your audiences’ hearts. It takes a professional copywriter several days to craft one, but then it works its magic for years or even decades.

McCormicks Oz leafletHigh-volume low-cost printed memo about a current activity or project, conveying essential information to new users

Ideal for sales, promotional contests or brand introductions, the best leaflets prompt users to immediate action, while holding intrinsic value for them – contest rules, participation codes and the like. The writing is often subject to local advertising regulation.

case_studyCASE STUDY

Succinct and strictly structured outline of a business problem, its consequences and the solution which resolved it

The most versatile of write-ups, case studies are equally effective in print, in events and presentations, as well as on the Web. Collecting genuine testimonials from actual clients along the way helps your copywriter write compelling stories.


An illustrated – often foldable – introduction to actions, brands, products, services, organizations or projects, containing the substance, highlights and contact information

The printed equivalent of an elevator speech, the best flyers tell a fun story, leaving enough intrigue to attract further interest.

Remember to always carry a handful wherever you go – you never know whom you might meet.


A perfect blend of visual and narrative elements served in small doses to specific, fiercely loyal audiences

Once a democratic promotional staple, which sustained the whole news publishing industry, the printed ad has fallen victim to ubiquitous banners and pesky pop-ups on Web pages. It’s almost become an exclusive reserve of luxury brands and special interest organizations.

This may be an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, if your message is aimed at a specific readership.

Cartwise bro fullBROCHURE

Sewn, stapled or wire-bound folio – a detailed booklet about features and characteristics, whose job is to facilitate the clients’ decision (or at least boost reputations)

It’s important to provide your copywriter with technical documentation, industry research, and many testimonials – from R&D through Sales to Customer Service – as well as enough time to digest it all.

Beware of anyone promising to create a brochure in a day or two. A really presentable document is more likely to take a week or two, but it will be worth its weight in gold.

Informatics corporateCORPORATE PROFILE

Part formal, part festive, and awesome all around, serves to convey order, reliability and company strength in a way that’s impossible to replicate online

Nothing captures and promotes the company culture quite like a candid team profile. Anniversaries and milestones can serve as ideal opportunities to show your appreciation and feature your winning team.

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