Good writing facilitates all business communication, in both domestic and foreign markets. Clear, concise and well crafted messages improve the results of your:

  • designers
  • as_written_bizcommunity managers
  • Customer Service representatives
  • HR managers
  • marketing managers
  • programmers
  • PR managers
  • sales representatives
  • Web masters.

These definitions and examples from my portfolio can help you choose the best writing formats for your business needs.


A truthful, unique & unforgettable identity definition of a new brand, product, service, project or organization

It might be on your mind, your lips, your desk and your walls for the next several decades (or more!), so don’t rush its definition process.

The development of an optimum name can take days or even weeks, but great ideas deserve great names.


proposal_thumbComprehensive document in line with the format expected by the donor, detailing the background of the issue, challenges, proposed measures, foreseen outcome and concrete steps leading to it, including human and financial resources needed and a precise action plan

Governments, international organizations, private funds and agencies of all kinds finance projects and activities according to their strict mandates. Often the same idea can be co-financed by several donors, if it’s re-formulated to fit the rules of each of them.

A proposal or an application with the best outlook comes from a team effort, where the writing lends uniformity and balance to the final draft.


pitch_letterThe corporate equivalent of an applicant’s cover letter, introduces an organization and its plans to a person or a group with decision-making authority, including the most compelling arguments in broad strokes

Whether you are seeking funding or introducing an advocacy initiative to your peers, your pitch letter has a clear mission – to establish you as a contender.

From the sequence of your argument, through its inspiring tone, to its relentless rhythm, it can be a true door opener. Or a complete flop – depending on how it’s written.


A persuasive narrative, partly written on slides and partly spoken to an audience, fitting a pre-set length of time and enriched with audiovisual illustrations and objects

Presentations have grown. From brief demonstrations of images on bulky sheets of Styrofoam, shown by post-war Madison Avenue executives to their clients, we now endure two-hour shows with hundreds of zapping slides and mountains of data. We’re fast approaching presentation overload.

Knowing that less is more, it helps to rely on fundamental storytelling techniques and public speaking guidelines to prepare compelling content for one’s audience.


sales_letterMore than 100-years-old mainstay of direct marketing, combines proven elements – headline, hook, promise, guarantee, testimony and more – to entice unsuspecting addressees to commit money, energy or time in exchange for a perceived benefit

Together with its twin – the fund-raising letter – the sales letter has blossomed in e-communication, where it can be segmented and tested more accurately than printed mailings ever were.

If you are still not using its full potential, prepare to become addicted to its certain and measurable results.


white_paperBorrowing its name from public policy protocols to simulate progress, authority and debate, reports on an issue, trend or business problem, often selectively, suggesting that proprietary tools and solutions mentioned are unparalleled and ideal for the topic at hand

There are plainly biased white papers out there, masquerading as balanced studies of common problems. Such a thinly veiled sales tool could damage your brand, rather than help suggest it as a solution.

The more your paper is objective, the more you come across as an authority and a thought leader in that area.

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