Having chosen writing as a profession long ago, I have had a good fortune to write all conceivable forms of business writing – from one-word titles, through tag lines and slogans, to ads, proposals, reports and strategies, and much more. Some of my early copy won prizes at the national advertising festival in Portorož, now known as the Golden Drum Festival.

net_pisanjeA couple of my e-publications are available on SlideShare, where they have thousands of views each. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a valid number in the context of a small market – most of my content there being in Serbian.

VarietyLong ago, I have also written a lot for theatre, film and television, worked as a film critic, dabbled in poetry (who hasn’t?) and even transliterated some famous early plays, written in verse. I graduated Dramaturgy top of my class and this has entailed creating one full-feature film idea per day. (I still cannot watch television without devising a whole new fiction or non-fiction series.)

minimisAll along, I have acted as proofreader and editor in every job I’ve ever had, in Europe, Asia and North America. These skills help me write fairly efficiently, as I mostly edit before writing. Having worked in the pre-press industry in Canada, I can improve not only on the writing, but often on the typesetting too. I once caught an error in Latin.

You can also read my posts on beBee , LinkedIn or on Medium. The discussions they prompt are worth a glance. And after months of research, my first book is the works. The topic? Well, writing.

My upcoming book is entitled: “HAL, Meet Homer: What Every Thinking Machine Needs To Know About Writing”. Its subject is the exciting intersection of two hot fields – writing and machine learning. You can take a peek into some of the research I have collected, by flipping through my online magazine about it:
View my Flipboard Magazine.