maja-in-spaceMy first trainees were small children attending a series of workshops on Arts & Crafts, which I organized and delivered with my colleagues from the Lakeshore Village Artists’ Collective in Toronto, in the year 2000.

I was relieved to later discover that adult trainees equally enjoy games and role-playing and never forget the knowledge they acquire through fun examples and exercises.

The way I deliver trainings depends on the preferences of clients. I am equally experienced and equally effective in face-to-face (open or in-house) and electronic (live or recorded) trainings.


javni nastup i odnosi sa javnošću

Traditional face-to-face trainings

I work with groups of up to 50 participants, in a number of formats (45-minute sessions, in batches of 3, 6, 12 or 24) in English or Serbian.


webinar_demo.ppt_Page_2E-learning sessions

Group size depends on the needs of clients. Sessions can last 45, 60 or 90 minutes. Delivery can be synchronous (live, with interaction) or asynchronous (as recordings, with or without the video component).


Over time, I have delivered offline or online trainings to many individuals, as well as representatives of these organizations: AIESEC Serbia, Apatin Brewery, Carlsberg Serbia, CHF Serbia, Coca-Cola HBC, Delta Generali, Diplomatic Academy of Serbia, Europlanet, FIDECO, Hemofarm, Goša Institute, IREX Serbia, Kreativa Unlimited, Link Group Business Academy, MARBO Product, Noris Business Skills Academy, Obrazovni informator, Piraeus Bank, PRA Business School Of Public Relations, PUC Belgrade Power Plants, Serbian Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), Serbian Ministry of Defense, Serbian Ministry of Finance, Serbian Ministry of Energy & Mining, Talent Box, UNDP Serbia, Serbian Journalists’ Association’s School of Web Journalism, Serbian Treasury, many municipal administrations, media companies and other organizations, in Serbia and beyond.