An Ambassador?!? Why, thank you, dearest!

But your kind invitation I must decline.

What if I end up in a conflict of interest

Over whose brand to peddle, yours or mine?

I’ve thought about it, for it’s no small matter.

You’re a lean, mean machine, so recently born.

But some day you’ll end up slower and fatter,

That’s when, alone, you’ll toot your own horn.


Just, dear, fast-forward through one wild decade.

Now picture your then Corps Diplomatique!

I reckon you’ll need a bikini parade,

But we’ll all be wobbly and walk with a stick.


Sure, now it’s thrilling to throw buzzes, high-fives,

Deem some stuff relevant and worthy of reading,

Comment, reply, share ‘contento’ (?) in hives

(see? Your sugar rush is bad for proofreading!)


But it’s impossible to pinpoint the hour

When you get vinegar from a sweet wine,

Whipped cream gets lumps, milk will go sour.

Being ecstatic can cross a fine line.


Too much of anything is not recommended,

Just as strict dieting is harmful to health.

Any campaign that stays open-ended

Can fizz out before it gets to the wealth.


Laudable passion, yours, go make your mark!

But don’t overdo it, for here is the thing:

All conquests follow the same type of arc,

True for young platforms or any old king.


First sail the merchants, with mirrors and bells,

Followed by grim, less cordial clergy,

Last go your cannons; it all goes to hell.

Your envoys are captured and thrown in the sea.


Now you might say: “Go pester Pinterest!

Who ever made you the voice in my head!?!”

With public content, there’s public interest,

As Devil’s Advocate, I needed it said.


My credentials are that I ask for nothing,

My candid allegiance has no strings attached.

From time to time I may offer something,

It’s given in earnest and need not be matched.

This post was first published on beBee.