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Content Development

Fed up with the “10 different ways to state the obvious”, but keen to be part of the content revolution? Build real authority, avoid mistakes and create an inspiring career by learning time-tested techniques and golden rules of the trade.

Life & Career Management

Real solutions to personal and professional challenges trump anything found in literature. Avoid pitfalls, learn coping strategies and get motivated by these practical workshops.

Presentation Skills

Lucky people find it easy to speak in public. Smart people learn to present to audiences. Don’t be among those who panic when they get an opportunity to shine.

Electronic Communication

Turn your interests into professional capacities. Learn how to capitalize on various online channels, where you spend the most time. Trainings in this set are designed to quickly build your self-confidence in these arenas.

Business Communications

Communication is the heart and soul of any business. Whatever you and your team want to achieve falls under one of five key capacities these trainings can help you improve:

Communication & Public Relations

Whether you seek a career in a dynamic field or you wish to improve the public image of your organization, these trainings cover everything you need to succeed. It’s reputation management at its best.

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