Nowadays, only one thing is certain.

Your personal and professional profiles, updates, comments, posts, publications, websites
all of your content is under scrutiny.
All of the time.

Before interacting with you, everyone checks you out online.
Even people who already know you.

Let me repeat that.

Even people who already know you
take time to read about you online.

(Let alone those who do not know you!)

The idea was that our virtual online windows would sell for us, even while we sleep.

Well, try to sleep on this:

Your fate is in the writing.

If your writing is successful, so are you.

Never more so than today…

It will be as it was written.

So why not hire a writing specialist to improve your writing and your chance at success?

When choosing a professional writer, you would do well to look for the following factors (in addition to rich vocabulary, compelling tone and a sense of style):

  • In-depth understanding of how to write for both human readers and search algorithms – an up-to-date knowledge of SEO guidelines and best practices;
  • Strategic approach to content – from headlines, tag lines and comments, through blog posts and Web pages, to white papers and e-books; and of course resumes, CVs, professional profiles and cover letters;
  • Thorough understanding of trends, needs and requirements in distinct markets;
  • Rich work experience, cutting across sectors (public and non-profit, including large international organizations; big business and SMEs; Arts & Entertainment and the media)
  • Varied writing experience, including, at a minimum: advertising, branding, promotional and direct marketing and public relations writing, both offline and online.

Need I mention I have all that?

Over time, I have written for clients on three continents, across all sectors and in countless writing formats. In addition to internal and external communications work, I also recruited, interviewed, tested and assessed people across the spectrum of sectors I worked in, throughout my intercontinental career.

So I know well what your potential employers, partners, clients or customers are looking for. If you want me to help you polish your writing – be it your LinkedIn or other profile, your blog, your website, e-book or any other form of presentation – please contact me today.