maja_whostI seem to do things ahead of their time. Just as I obtained a computer long ago in 1986, and wrote a blog ten years ago, when blogging was just emerging, I created my own educational TV of sort, from my home office, back in 2008.

For a couple of years, I developed, promoted and delivered open (free of charge) live webinars on Communication-related topics, every month. I used social media to promote them so they became very popular (one of early sessions – Five Biggest Secrets of E-Communication – was in such demand that I had to do it three times in the same week.

3in1welcomeThrough trial and error, I amassed detailed knowledge about the production of live synchronous e-learning and even innovated the process, thanks to my professional experience in broadcasting. This know-how I shared in a couple of papers published in academic publications, but also as a consultant & trainer for teams of trainers embarking on e-learning initiatives.

The technology has advanced since and it has become very easy to deliver a basic training online. However, designing, producing and delivering a recurring educational course online and doing it well – i.e. taking care of its promotion, sales, technology, production, rehearsals, delivery and follow-up – remains a complex challenge for any teacher, trainer or team of educators out there.

Here are some tips I compiled while doing live webinars: