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HAL, Meet Homer

Me Tarzan, You LinkedIn!

Please stop yelling! Whisper to be heard. (A seven-part lesson in personal branding) * * * Day 40 in a row of sizzling-hot sunny days. Hottest season in 20 years. (Trust me to be in the Tropics during that record-setting.)… Continue Reading →

Imagine, All Of You

“The obvious is that which is never seen until someone expresses it simply.” Khalil Gibran  Imagine a fourteen-year-old girl, in the mid-seventies. Standing in front of a store window. Looking through it for hours, into a showroom of Italian luxury… Continue Reading →

What Colour Is Your Publisher?

“Come, come, ye sons of arts, come, come away! Come, come, ye sons of arts, come, come away! Tune all your voices and instruments play To celebrate, to celebrate this triumphant day!” Words (possibly) by Nahum Tate, used in a… Continue Reading →

No, Dear Al Gorithm, You Don’t Want My Job

OK, so you know so much more than me – than any of us – you are the King of Fact. But I’m the Queen of Tact, so listen up.

Write About Where The Puck Will Be

The bad news is: it’s really hard to be an original writer. The good news is: we no longer burn you at the stake for being one (whereas we used to).

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It was one of those lucky moments. A casual snapshot of sunset over Northern Belgrade I’ve made from my window echoed the colours which my late husband, Goran Vujovic, used when he drew this portrait of me, in coloured pencils… Continue Reading →

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