Since returning to Serbia in 2002, I have been consulting, in various Communication & Education roles, for a number of reform and capacity development projects, large and small, financed primarily by UNDP and the European Union.

My first posting (2002-2004) was as a PR Advisor and Head of Cabinet to the Minister of Energy and Mining, as well as an Interim UNDP Project Manager. This assignment was bordering on capacity substitution, as UNDP was assisting the Serbian Public Administration to develop key functions and departments which were missing. Before wrap-up, I drafted the basis of a funding application, which effectively doubled the amount of the donation given by the Kingdom of the Netherlands for the next phase of the project.

You can read my reference letter by Ms. Kori Udovicki, then Minister of Energy & Mining of Serbia, here.

mof-20070309-1bAnother two-year assignment for UNDP, as Communication, Education & Knowledge Management Consultant at the Ministry of Finance of Serbia (2007-2009) enabled me to develop and deliver trainings to large groups of civil servants. At the same time, I applied Knowledge Management and Results-Based Management methods to the daily management of our team of over 30 consultants. Independent evaluators recommended the knowledge management system which I devised and administrated as a new standard for the Serbian Government’s and UNDP projects worldwide.

You can read my reference letter written by Ms. Jasmina Radovanovic-Bell, Project Manager, here.

Between spring 2013 and the summer of 2014, I worked on an EU-funded project concerning the reform of Serbian primary and secondary education, as the Project Communication & Visibility Consultant. The assignment covered everything from writing communications strategies, to the production of project identity and promotional items, through media relations, to newsletters, pre-press, website, and video. I was instrumental in devising a “nickname” (Razvionica) for the project officially known as Support Human Capital & Research – General Education and Human Capital Development.

The project ended in July 2015. You can visit its website here.

maja_milanovacA number of smaller, local projects saw me mostly act as a trainer or a facilitator, and sometimes as a content developer. Several of them included cross-border cooperation with colleagues from various countries in the West Balkans and Danube regions.