My business is to create the most compelling story for each idea, person and organization that I work with.

Whether you need a flawless CV for the international labour market, a memorable slogan for your brand or a full-scope Communications Strategy & Plan for your development project, you’ll  want to be sure it perfectly reflects your unique identity.

Let me help you define it memorably.

Since my mid-teen years, I have worked in advertising, broadcasting, entertainment, marketing, pre-press, publishing, public relations, translating, and writing & editing. And also in capacity development, education, e-learning, government, social services, and training. And the Web.

4 stuba_Page_02This vast work experience helps me “speak” various business languages – the Corporate language, Legalese, Web & IT lingo, Broadcasting & Media speak, Promotional language (including its Advertising, PR and Marketing dialects), Non-Profit (and its NGO variant) as well as the most cryptic of them all – Government/Administration/Donor tongue. Best of all, my native language is that of the Audiences. ( I’m also actively learning Machinese, for my upcoming book, “HAL, Meet Homer: What Every Thinking Machine Needs To Know About Writing”.)

Written & spoken word“. This is how a job developer in Canada, in search for the right job for me, commented on my varied CV, long ago. That résumé is now even more varied, but his astute judgement of my vocation still stands.

You can see some of my writing here, in my portfolio.

Let me convey your true story to the world.